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Introducing the exceptional team of Punjab Developers Mandi Bahauddin, formerly known as Punjab Property Dealers. With a rich history and a renewed vision, this dynamic team is at the forefront of the real estate industry in the region. Comprising seasoned professionals and enthusiastic experts, they bring a perfect blend of experience and innovation to the table. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with their in-depth knowledge of the local market, ensures that clients’ dreams find a perfect home. Through relentless dedication and a customer-centric approach, the team continues to shape the landscape of Mandi Bahauddin’s real estate, building a legacy of trust, quality, and excellence. The of the Team Punjab Developers are:

The Board of Directors

Punjab Developers

Managing Director Punjab Developers.
Mr. Khalid Mehmood Langriyal

Khalid Mehmood Langriyal

Co-Founder and CEO

Khalid Mehmood Langriyal is a renowned and well trusted person in real estate business of Pakistan. Mr. Khalid Mehmood has a long association with property world and in all property segments from agriculture to towns and from residential to commercial property business. With an unparalleled track record of successful ventures and a reputation for fostering enduring relationships, Khalid Mehmood Langriyal stands as a beacon of excellence in Pakistan’s real estate industry. More…

Ghulam Abbas Lilla
Mr. Ghulam Abbas Lillah

Ghulam Abbas Lillah

Co-Founder and Director

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Lillah, the Director and Co-Founder of Punjab Developers, has been an integral part of the company for over 30 years. His professional journey commenced in the private sector, where he garnered experience in launching and overseeing diverse businesses, spanning property-related services, and sales management. His entrepreneurial drive and forward-thinking leadership have steered Punjab Developers towards remarkable success and groundbreaking innovation. More…

Major (r) Naeem Asghar Langriyal

Managing Director

Introducing Mr. Naeem Asghar Langriyal, the visionary Managing Director at Punjab Developers – a name synonymous with excellence in the real estate industry. With a career spanning decades, Mr. Naeem has been the driving force behind the company’s remarkable growth and success.  Mr. Langriyal is known for his forward-thinking approach and his ability to anticipate market trends. He has successfully steered Punjab Developers through challenging times and positioned the company for continued growth. More…

Ghulam Raza Gujjar

Ghulam Raza Gujjar

Project Director

Mr. Ghulam Raza Gujjar is a senior business associate and project director of Punjab Developers who joined the company in 2011. Mr. Raza, is known for his dedicated and committed working for the company and company’s clients. He is taking care of various existing and new projects of Punjab Developers and helps the company.Mr. Raza’s expertise and unwavering dedication are pivotal in propelling Punjab Developers towards continued growth and success. More…

Muhammad Akbar Siddique

Muhammad Akbar Siddique

Project Director and Architect

Mr. Muhammad Akbar Siddique is working with Punjab Developers for more than ten years. He is an experienced and versatile architect, contractor and real estate developer who has worked on several residential and business projects as designer, developer or consultant. Mr. Akbar is an associate Architect Engineer. Mr. Akbar’s passion for innovation and his keen eye for detail continue to be invaluable assets in shaping Punjab Developers’ groundbreaking projects. More… 

Muhammad Yar Langriyal

Muhammad Yar Langriyal


Muhammad Yar Langreyal is Project Director of Hamza Town. He is maintaining his organization with intelligence, Knowledge, Experience and hard working. Mr. Langriyal’s projects are marked by intelligence and experience, reflecting his astute decision-making and seasoned expertise. As the visionary Project Director, Mr. Yar Langreyal spearheads Hamza Town’s journey towards redefining extraordinary modern living experiences. His intelligence and experience ensure unparalleled success. More…

Haji Muhammad Asghar

Haji Muhammad Asghar


Haji Asghar Numberdar recently joined Punjab Developers as a project director of Ahmad Town, Has a diverse professional background and served. With a diverse professional background and a proven track record of excellence. Haji Asghar Numberdar brings invaluable insights to Punjab Developers’ ambitious Ahmad Town project. More…

Bashire Langreyal

Muhammad Bashir Langriyal


Haji Asghar Numberdar recently joined Punjab Developers as a project director of Ahmad Town, Has a diverse professional background and served. With a diverse professional background and a proven track record of excellence. Haji Asghar Numberdar brings invaluable insights to Punjab Developers’ ambitious Ahmad Town project. More…

Syed Muhammad Mehdi Rizvi

Director Operations / HR

Syed Muhammad Mehdi Rizvi, the esteemed high-ranking Director of Operations and the dedicated HR professional at Punjab Developers. With a strong focus on efficiency and an unwavering passion for driving excellence, Mehdi Rizvi leads the operations team with unparalleled expertise. His strategic vision and meticulous planning ensure streamlined processes and seamless coordination across all departments. More…

The Team of

Our Top Management

Javaid Iqbal

Javaid Iqbal

Manager Land Revenue

Meet Javaid Iqbal, a skilled Land Revenue Officer at Punjab Developers, adept at navigating the complexities of the real estate sector. With a strong background in land regulations and property transactions, Javaid plays a vital role in ensuring smooth land acquisition processes and legal compliance. His meticulous attention to detail and expert knowledge contribute significantly to Punjab Developers’ success in handling land-related matters efficiently and ethically.

Aamir Shareef

Aamir Shareef Hashmi

Senior Manager

Introducing Aamir Shareef, the accomplished Senior Manager of Co-ordination at Punjab Developers. With a remarkable ability to synchronize diverse teams and projects, Aamir plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and collaboration across departments. His adeptness in handling complexities and fostering a harmonious work environment drives the company’s efficiency and success.

Waqas Ahmad

Manager Operations

Meet Waqas Ahmad, the skilled Manager of Operations at Punjab Developers. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on operational efficiency, Waqas plays a crucial role in overseeing various aspects of the company’s projects. His dedication to streamlining processes and optimizing resource allocation ensures that Punjab Developers consistently delivers high-quality results to clients. As a key player in the organization, Waqas Ahmad’s expertise and leadership drive the success and growth of the company’s operations.

Jaza Fatima

Manager Admin

Introducing Jaza Fatima, the proficient Manager of Admin at Punjab Developers. With a strong grasp of administrative processes and excellent organizational skills, Jaza ensures the smooth functioning of the company’s administrative operations. Her proactive approach and attention to detail contribute to a well-organized and efficient workplace. As a reliable support pillar for the organization, Jaza Fatima plays a vital role in maintaining a productive and cohesive work environment at Punjab Developers.